Sunday, 13 March 2011


drink it back dear boy
and swallow your errant pride
the bitterness inside abates
and the acidity stings your eyes
a remedy for all your allergies
an anathema for your bile
we cannot permit your rebellious muses
and your unauthorised smiles
you cannot walk your own footpath
you must genuflect to the corporate gods
we cannot permit your libertarianism
you march our march in the steps we trod
and lets not nurture any talk of freedom
we maintain control for the greater good
our swollen coffers are not your concern
know your place as we know you should
drink it back dear boy
and understand that we permit you to survive
remember that we own your feeble soul
and we can erase your worthless life.
a potion for all your deviancy
to cure you from all free thought
we are here to save you from yourself
and to reiterate all our teachers taught...
Andy Horsman

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