Sunday, 6 February 2011

Urchins and Unicorns

Seeping sentimentality
And sepia sensibilities
Love to loiter, linger, eavesdropping
On your every resplendent utterance
From the veritable mouth of a genuine babe
The wisdom spills like illogical lava
Like a dyslexic jigsaw
Edges blurred
And bent totally out of shape

Your dimensions strain to be unleashed
Irradiating with a spray of colour
A purple avocado splash
Upon a jaded adult mind
Creativity not yet so suppressed
As to edit the flow of thought
With wondrous imagination exploding
Your palette, a kaleidoscope

Enrich me with your most lysergic logic
A piracy of uncensored thought
Unshackled by scholastic strait jacketing
Most treasured but never repressed
The iridescent glow of innocence
In the imagination’s treasured trove
No boundaries to corral wilder musing
The very essence of true freedom framed

Andy Horsman

Another Version of the Truth

It would appear that you seem to be aroused
By the sound of your own voice
Narcissism magnified
You really take the prize
And I fluctuate between
And a hatred, a contempt
Your self obsessed entirety
Encapsulates all I feared
You thrive on wreaking misery
With the zeal of a senseless soul
Corroded and malignantly consumed
Like a blackened smoking husk
Sadness engulfs like a treacle tide
Ensnaring like a quicksand whipped
The intrinsic essence that I so crave
Is smashed like jetsam on the rocks
There is no hope where there is no love
There’s no hope where there’s fear
You have dragged us to this grim impasse
Where we crumble into the sands of time…………

Andy Horsman 2010