Sunday, 23 January 2011

My Civil War

Sobriety will be the death of me
The thoughts uncrowned,
I strain against the cerebral chains
And fumble in my doubts
My self contempt engulfs me
I drown in my own bile
Restrained from cutting myself loose
My selfishness reviled

Weary of psychic parasites
So cautious to the quick
Evading emotional vampirism
With a deprecated wit
The worlds collide inside me
The tensions smoulder bright
I ache from treading boredom
And the vindictiveness of spite

Beyond the pale
The pallid fight
Has left my deficient soul
I resist the urge to compromise
And come in from the cold
The road I tread is treacherous
To divert would ease my route
Madness siphons my energies
My insanity is absolute

Andy Horsman

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