Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Golden Age of Light Entertainment

The curtain falls
After the curtain call
And the greasepaint smears once more
The pantomime dames and the farce depart
Through the crumbling backstage door
A last fleeting look
At the playwright’s book
And the dust gathered on the floor
Farewell to dreams of grandeur
The icons and those who might have been
The slightly shabby leading men
And the majestic silver screen
We have no need for culture now
Your vaunted golden age has passed
The satellite feeds our every need
While we sit passively on our arses
Brainwashed by reality, badly dressed,
Masquerading as the stimulus
That we seek
The libraries are shut, but we don’t read
We have no aspirations
Ignorance keeps us weak

Andy Horsman

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