Sunday, 19 December 2010

Her Habitat

A two faced friend
A drain
A pain
An aptitude for suffering
She creeps upon me
Embracing my mind
With a cacophony
Of jumbled thought
A racing pulse
My ignited paranoia
Strangling my embryonic sleep
‘Til wide awake
I countenance
The fragility of my sanity
Nocturnal ghost
A haunting
Consuming me in a
Toxic kiss
Emboldened by my flaccid
She coils around my imagination
Madame Malevolent
And her corrosive litter
Haunting me once more..

Andy Horsman


I’m very well acquainted
With my failings as a man
I hear without much listening
I indulge more than I plan
And I am not the strongest soul
Resisting temptations in my path
When nervous I can be a fool
Almost embarrassingly crass
I tend to procrastinate
Far more often than I should
I hold on to my bitterness
When to let go would be good
But I know that I love you
More than I love life itself
And that’s my undiluted truth
I want nobody else………..

Henry Glover's Immortal Soul

Shot in the back
Shot in the back
Shot in the back
For the crime of being black
Shot in the back
And burned alive
Shot in the back
And burned alive
Sister Katrina wailing
For the protect and serve betrayal
Shot in the back
For the crime of being black
Trigger happy doughnut junky
Treating people like rabid monkeys
Wrong place at the right time
Right place for the wrong crime
Henry was so menacing
With his innocent back turned
Nailed just like a trophy stag
And then left to burn
Like Martin Luther King
Never happened
Like Jesse Jackson
Never happened
Like Malcolm X
Never happened
Like Louis Farrakhan
Never happened
Like Obama Christ
Never happened

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Beneath this slumbering, sleeping sea
Angelic voices whisper back at me
These tides at rest are calmer now
The ebbing madness
Fades to dawn….

And here beneath the shimmering mirror
Refracted lights dance silver steps
A coral fanfare for the sleepy heads
With kaleidoscopic colours spread

This beast caged so appearances seem
Raw power tamed in a precarious sheen
Wild winds intense on a distant shore
Bring the earliest foretelling
Of an angry storm…

And here where silent becalming reigns
The maelstrom brewing unshackles chains
We wake like jetsam from the deep
Refreshed like Seraphim from our sleep
Andy Horsman