Wednesday, 24 November 2010

White Trash Blues

Wipe the pollution from your eyes
I’ll buy you a slice of South China sky
Never been
Never had
Never could have said
As poor as dust mites on the wind
With our spirits all but dead

Hanging by a worn out thread
With demanding voices in our heads
Never were
Never would
Never could have been
Like jetsam on a tainted beach
Jettisoned from a shattered dream

Seeking Eden where paradise expired
Simplicity unlocking the most cherished desires
Never tasted
Never smelled
Never could have touched
The outstretched grasp of determination
With our aspirations crushed

Turn the page and read some more
About the wealthy avarice and fuck the poor
Never wanted
Never asked
Never wore all your chains
Our spirit survives despite the oppression
We’ll strive to survive again
Andy Horsman

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