Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Be A Poker Player

We would rather go to ruin
Than admit the drug has changed
Online mental methadone
To placate and medicate

Anaesthetised by proxy
Subliminally locked in chains
It used to be orthodoxy
That sanitised our brains

In robotic mode we log on to compete
If we can avert our TV eyes
Mesmerised by celebrity culture
And the tabloid sound byte lies

Well take your cards and gamble
That you may win the biggest prize
Flushed with the rush of anticipation
Brainwashing in disguise

Sponsored by, endorsements from
Well it’s another tax rich scam
Diverting your thoughts from the turmoil
Engulfing the working man

There must be a winning formula
There has to be a way to win
Keep flipping aces and paying your dues
While the walls keep closing in.

Andy Horsman

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