Sunday, 28 November 2010

Scrabble Boulevard

Selecting my words with consummate care
Judiciously editing phrases that offend
Delicacy was never my way
I tend to speak in exacting terms
So grant me a little latitude
As I attempt to frame my thoughts
Exercising my expansive vocabulary
To the furthest reaches of my recall
Taking a measured breath
To extend my cerebral diaphragm
I express my innermost thoughts
In bite sized demography :
# Fuck you and your churches
# Fuck you and your gods
# Fuck you and your royalty
# Fuck you and your laws
# Fuck you and your avarice
# Fuck you and your rules
# Fuck you and your slavery
# Fuck you and your wars
# Fuck you and your profits
# Fuck you and your propaganda
# Fuck you and your governance
# Fuck you and all you represent!!
Andy Horsman

December Sings

Whistled tunes
Rebel songs
From the burnt out squatters war
Wishes discarded like confetti strewn
Upon the empty chapel floor
No gods no lords no masters
All hope we have is ours
No faith or trust in equity
Our kettled souls bearing scars
We marched upon their bastions
The heart of all they own
Taking back the city streets
To rebuild our cardboard homes
We never asked for wealth nor prize
All we want is to be freed
Disestablishing monoliths
That this corrosive system needs
We do not want the hand that feeds
We could do that for ourselves
We do not want your governance
To be slaves of someone else
We want to build a better world
Without hierarchy and fear
We want to embrace our humanity
Unshackled from the austere
An end to war and the market’s greed
Exploitation and the slaughter
Community and mutual consent
Clear minds and drinking water
Whistled tunes
Tattered flags
As black as a banker’s heart
We will never claim to be truly free
Until Capitalism is torn apart

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Be A Poker Player

We would rather go to ruin
Than admit the drug has changed
Online mental methadone
To placate and medicate

Anaesthetised by proxy
Subliminally locked in chains
It used to be orthodoxy
That sanitised our brains

In robotic mode we log on to compete
If we can avert our TV eyes
Mesmerised by celebrity culture
And the tabloid sound byte lies

Well take your cards and gamble
That you may win the biggest prize
Flushed with the rush of anticipation
Brainwashing in disguise

Sponsored by, endorsements from
Well it’s another tax rich scam
Diverting your thoughts from the turmoil
Engulfing the working man

There must be a winning formula
There has to be a way to win
Keep flipping aces and paying your dues
While the walls keep closing in.

Andy Horsman

White Trash Blues

Wipe the pollution from your eyes
I’ll buy you a slice of South China sky
Never been
Never had
Never could have said
As poor as dust mites on the wind
With our spirits all but dead

Hanging by a worn out thread
With demanding voices in our heads
Never were
Never would
Never could have been
Like jetsam on a tainted beach
Jettisoned from a shattered dream

Seeking Eden where paradise expired
Simplicity unlocking the most cherished desires
Never tasted
Never smelled
Never could have touched
The outstretched grasp of determination
With our aspirations crushed

Turn the page and read some more
About the wealthy avarice and fuck the poor
Never wanted
Never asked
Never wore all your chains
Our spirit survives despite the oppression
We’ll strive to survive again
Andy Horsman