Sunday, 31 October 2010

Zen Diagram

Being truly global
In each and every sense
Euphoria, my elixir
A therapeutic blanket
Restoring and rewarding
My weary, teary soul

Standing almost touching
The world that I most want
Free of all the bullshit
The politics
The greed
A village built on mutualism
And consumption based on need
Worlds away from worlds at war
And the impoverished kept in chains
A restoration of humanity
Where we have found ourselves again.

Breathing the air
Of a freed man
And believing in inherent good
We talk and share and join in thought
To create a better world
Untarnished by the avarice
The profits and the prophets
No sexist
Just a flawless, precious plateau
Of inspirational respect

And then at once I wake up
And realise I have dreamed
I reach out to the mourning son
And resume this tarnished life………………….

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