Sunday, 24 October 2010

Thought Splatter!!

Stroking the folk beard
Several parts of the same plant
Subliminal suggestion
Cradle to the sunken grave
A verdigris pallor
A contagious palaver
Restructured, reconstituted
Repackaged bullshit
New romances for new romantics
Hand in hand and fist on heart
As pious as purloined candles
Pilfered from matinee mass
As substantive and emotive
As rice pudding skin
Silence erupts in the flame of blues
An elder retelling tomorrow’s news
Red Dwarf phrasing and Batman shoes
Comic book emotion in a Cryptic age
Shuffling feet and muffled voices
Muted screeching of silent screams
For every Munch another Mark E Smith
Rewriting the lexicon of a whisky muse
Long lost love losing sepia sheen
Nostalgia waning as the memory mists clear
Each and every bitter word is paraphrased
Echoed decades passed and best left still
Cling to the coattails of a fictional blade
Warmed briefly by fifteen minutes of indifference
The cost of being real is the price of being bought
For these petty my pretties switching their sashes.

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