Sunday, 31 October 2010

This Shame

We learned nothing from the path of history
Spending long nights sharpening knives
An insidious, odious slide to the right
And brewing, swollen venomous spite
Pinpointing differences to hate
And weaknesses to stigmatise
Stoking the fetid prejudicial flames
With blinding zealousness in our eyes.

We learned little from the truth that has been exposed
About the very evil that men do
In the name of honour and blood and integrity
The darker side seeping through
And still blindly we buy the rhetoric
And we march to the most monotonous drum
Engulfed in the cloaks of our paranoia
Superior to those we deemed less than scum

We learned nothing from the past that shames us all
The persecutions and the genocide
The most senseless pogroms against innocence
The bloodiest, hateful tide
And we weaken ourselves every time that we fail
To halt this monolithic flow of pain
If we do not learn that hatred devours our humanity
We will destroy ourselves again.

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