Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Some time to say I am sorry
When I fucked it up again
Buffing my tarnished ego
At the risk of losing it all
Mr Self-destruct destroyed
Wallowing in my misery
This shallow, fickle mind indulged
In the bath of wasted tears

Same old, same old story
My senses they depart once more
Playing Russian Roulette
With five shells in the chamber
A tale of inherent stupidity
And I squeeze the trigger guard
Time to pay the piper’s toll
With a corrosive currency

All apologies
Like the poignant words of Kurt Cobain
I rebuilt, restored, renewed your love
And then ripped it up again
The truth is that I love you more
Than my words can ever convey
I’ve got to nail my demons down
And then lock them all away

Some time to say I am sorry
When you’ve heard it all before
The floundering, mumbled words of guilt
The shame of being so weak
More fear and loathing than Hunter S
In my patchwork idiot’s soul
I have hurt you and I am eternally sorry
The fault is all my own


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