Sunday, 24 October 2010

Rainbow Absolute

Skating across the surface
Of a psychedelic dream
The oranges so vivid
The parameters ermine green
Slapstick clouds sweep gliding by
Upon a tickled breeze
The reds they glow like embers
Amidst the ultraviolet trees
Here we go round the burning bush
With the sunlight in our eyes
The urban blues got azure shoes
And a misted pink disguise
Stirring the melting pot of fate
Into the middle distant gaze
The blackest darkness beckoning
To snuff the dancing yellow days
Reaching into the crimson waters
Surfing maelstrom’s purple tide
Spinning in a swirling whirlwind
Kaleidoscopic colours slide
Dancing to the melting colours
Hands outreaching, fingers spread
Festive senses tingle pleasure
Waltzing white in my crazy head

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