Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Party Fears ( An Epilogue)

Live nostalgic Mr Dreamer
Suck the melancholy ache
Airbrushing the painful
From the pallet of recall
A little older not so wiser
Or at least the saying goes
Bathing in the sepia hues
Of the best years of our lives
Grasping hold of memories
With a hunger and an awe
Were we really, were we real
Did we live that way at all?
A faded, tatty Polaroid
And a crumpled ticket stub
The detritus we hoarded
Like a tribute to our past
Feet tap tap tap tapping
To the soundtrack of our lives
The walk we walked, the talk we talked
Or the way that we perceived
We tripped the lights fantastic
We tripped up all the stairs
Swathed in black and incense
These memories cherished still.

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