Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Suspend my disbelief
And wipe my stuttering eyes
An eulogy from a pariah
And the false tears
Mask false words
Overtly cynical I may be
But then again I feel
Staggered at the duplicity
Of hypocrisy personified

And how pray do you rest
Your two- faced head at night?
This falsehood truly agitates
My sense of what is right
Better to be true I say
Than conform in a mist of lies
Shrouded black and mournful
Like your red but tearless eyes.

Bite my ragged tongue
And swallow the bile I need to spit
Aching to suppress my fury
At this ludicrous tableau
In life there was no harmony
In death no resolution
Mourn now to bathe your emptiness
In a smug ersatz display.

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