Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Obama where art thou??

Behold a shameless remedy
For each and every poisoned memory
These deviated freedoms chain
The fettered souls of the insane
Caged innocence in a captive state
The cold personification of hate
Preached with a raw, primeval glare
Watchers watch as the tensions flare
In these crooked shadows of despair
Stood frightened in the monsters lair
The enclaves of the religious right
Worshipping the stars and stripes
Pursuing profit for the dollar bill
Diplomacy practised as shoot to kill
Democracy proven as a facile fa├žade
To soothe the wounds of the battle scarred.
So launch a new world with a shell
Exploding illusions in a fiery hell
Feeble resistance is eradicated
By the death bestowed as aid by hatred
Rendering justice as an oblique concept
Where the price of freedom is a crushing debt
Ragged rebellion in the name of the truth
The destruction of liberty is absolute.

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