Tuesday, 26 October 2010

It Isn’t You, It’s Me ( A Salutary Tale)

Lost in translation
So sterile and cold
Evoking bittersweet memories
And the tenderness of heartache

Every song an epitaph
And every bar reminding
Nothing tastes or smells the same
The Technicolor switch is off

Shivering and seeking warmth
In the very place coldness starts
The turned cheek and the turned page
Your disconnected heart

Loiter like a lost soul
On the fringes of your life
Voyeurism by blind default
As all happiness dissolves

Reaching for the answer
The bitter amber stings your throat
Swift release but oh so-so brief
In tattered pieces, fall apart.

Stunned that the fire extinguished
And you are cast aside
Superfluous and jettisoned
Your very essence bruised.

Herein lies the ugly truth
Those feelings transient
Swathed in the songs that season
This misery that lingers on

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