Sunday, 24 October 2010

Her Legacy

Lady Maggie, the Dame of death
With Belgrano blood on her hands
Sees the reaping crop of the seeds she had sown
In the destruction of this fair land
The ruination of communities
The pogrom against the working class
The sold souls of all imaginative thought
The obsession with a mythical past
The Generation Lost begat
This Generation’s losers
The greed the self the apathy
The beggars who cannot be choosers
The hatred and the suspicion
The jingoism cast with spite
In urban wastelands she manufactured
Knives stabbing in the night
No prospects and no welfare state
Disassembled brick by brick
The rotting corpse of market economics
Poisoning the vulnerable and sick
Well I long for the day they bury you deep
Six feet beneath the ground
I’ll join the queue to piss on your grave
When they lower your carcass down.

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