Sunday, 24 October 2010

A Fucker Fucks................

So feral, my indulgences
And my tongue beneath your waist
Teasing and pleasing and painting circles
Upon your wettest skin
Where pleasure meets pain we linger
The physical and the sensual
Exacting touches seek approval in
Flushed tones and releases

Sated hunger indulged desires
And the kinkiest ends of lust
In love in pain in hedonism
Seeking out greater highs
Limbs entwined like serpent’s kisses
Fingertips of plenitude
Tracing outlines on your navel
Straying towards a secret kiss

So pliant these sensations spent
And these pulses so sustaining
Skin on skin on satins stained
Screamed satisfaction’s testament
Inside your warmth with eyes wide shut
And the balled fists so relaxed
Climbing to your molten peaking
Profane, profound and all devoured.

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