Sunday, 24 October 2010

Chomsky Says (The Liberty Ballad)

It’s all about the whispering
The clandestine
The secret codes
But we never walk the walk we walk
And we don’t talk the talk we talk
It’s all a subtle sleight of hand
A masquerade
A pantomime
Is our will discarded to appease
Keeping the peace
The tension increased
Simply simmering unchecked
Amidst bitten tongues
Unvoiced regrets?
Kicking the dirt
And exchanging looks
Conveying our frustration
At liberties they took
Sharpening our knives
Our minds, our wit
Swimming upstream
Against the tide
Of malignant, convoluted
Oppressive bullshit
It’s more about the disrespect
The inequalities
The suppressed regret
The slavery and lack of choice
The repressed creativity
The muting of our voices
Well change must come and come it will
No ballot box
Or bullet’s fired
Can paper over all these ills
So we educate and talk and wait
And prepare ourselves to seal our fate
No lords no gods no masters left
When we choose to live life
Instead of living death.


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