Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Bosnia, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Iraq

Day breaks so we sweep up all the pieces
So caught up in our own cleverness
Distant voices indistinct but
Follow our echoing footsteps
Everywhere we roam
It wasn’t brave
It certainly wasn’t reasoned
Now we have the luxury
Of time to sit and think
It wasn’t sensible
It certainly wasn’t courageous
We betrayed ourselves
By becoming what we despised.

Night falls so we try to recreate it
In our vision the future is oblique
Grasping fingers
Brush against our war wounds
Attempting to engage
With the humanity we lost
It wasn’t heroic
Slaughtering the children
It can’t be justified
Because we dug their graves
It wasn’t equitable
It certainly wasn’t worth it
Cannibalising our souls
In the machinery of war.

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