Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Black and The Red

Mr Time Bomb
Absorbs the bullshit like a sponge
Never conformable
Never succumbing to the fear
Stand alone
And wear the courage that ignites
Inside the inferno rages
Outside the outsider is still

Ploughs a contrary path
Maintaining dignity above all
Never pliable
Never indoctrinated
Keeping counsel
And observant of the times
Watch the mad macramé maelstrom
Unravelling, all around

Mr Time Bomb
Takes every beating with stoic pride
Never cries out
Never seeks to play their game
Waits and watches
Knows the time for change will come
Reviews his armoury
His mind much sharper than a blade

The underground his finishing school
Never sought conformity
Never needed to belong
His patience based on knowledge
And the great desire for equity
Watches the foundations crumble
As their fortresses implode

Mr Time Bomb
Reaches deep inside himself
The time is fast approaching
Our time is fast approaching

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