Sunday, 24 October 2010

August 24th 2007

Too easy to be noble
When the shoe’s on the other boot
Falling again
From basement windows
A paradox in a paradigm
Removed from sensibility
And gift-wrapped as insane
Packaged and pre-diagnosed
To fit into their boxes 
Caution is the byword
For avoiding talking sense
In riddle-speak we waver
When the truth remains unsaid
Yield and wane and subjugate
Divide and rule and castigate
Formulate your list of targets
Identifiable as dissimilar
Avoidance and refraction
Deflects the seeker from the quest
Falling again
Into the same barbed snare
A cliché, a stereotype
Distanced from the baying hordes
By a gesture, a word, a thought
Corpulent complacency
Fuels a malignant stealthy growth

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