Tuesday, 26 October 2010

An Anarchist’s Lament

I tried to join the system
But the system made me sick
The Pharisees
The murderers
The spineless hypocrites
No gods
No lords, no masters
No hierarchy
No chains
Escaping from the slavery
Of being born again

One man and one vote
The misconception that you’re free
All charades
And sleights of hand
The weight of hegemony
The state and the holy church
Conspiring to entrap
Compelling all men to sell their souls
Then stabbing them in the back

Religious hate, the new crusades
The dogmatic will of wars
Exploitation, the chief export
Of the capitalistic cause
No freedom can be claimed
When the shackles stay locked tight
Sleepwalking with your eyes open
The American dream is shite

I tried to join the system
I simply did not fit
The racist, sexist misogynists
The zealots and the pigs
No honesty, no honour
No justice and no truth
The status quo must be maintained
The system is absolute.

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